Living the Ruff Lyfe

Our Mission

We are passionate about inspiring others to get out in nature. Connecting with nature is great fun, reduces stress and reminds us that there’s something out that’s larger than ourselves. Even when it rains. For dog owners, getting out can be hard given restrictions on pets in national parks and the levels of organisation that can be required for an enjoyable trip for both (wo)man and hound.

cliff head north camping with small dog
camping under the stars with a small dog near perth at cliff head north
logue brook 3

Our Story

We have been camping and hiking for a number of years. Our adventures are currently focused on Perth and its surrounds. My heart breaks every time I have to leave the house without the dogs so I’m always scheming different ways that I can bring them along on our adventures. We were involved in setting up the successful Young Perth Hikers group, where we often get questions about where we take our dogs camping and hiking. We also arrange the occasional dog hike on Meetup. This blog is all about sharing wisdom about all of the amazing places to go, gear to take and things to do to make the most of the great outdoors.

Meet the Team

A common theme across our editorial team is that we all have little people complex. So far, that hasn’t stood in our way of going where no human or puppy has gone before.

zena close up


Founder & CEO

Zena loves long walks on the beach and hates the rain. She’s a chihuahua x mini dachshund (chiweenie!) so is never sure whether to bark or shake when encountering something scary – it’s usually safest to do both… Zena is at her happiest when she realises that all of the camping gear packed in the car is for a doggy adventure. She’s at her saddest when she realises she’s about to be left by herself for a weekend.

brutus close up


Vice President

Brutus quickly shot to fame as a prop for Tinder photos. His popularity has continued to rise as he’s still got his ‘new puppy smell’ and hasn’t learned to bark yet. Brutus is a long haired chihuahua, hailing from a farm in Harvey WA. He still hates going in the car but puts on a brave face as he knows he gets to go some pretty amazing places with his sister. You cannot stare into his puppy eyes for too long or they may steal your soul.

erin hiking


Chief Human & Poop Scooper

Erin dislikes writing bios and speaking about herself in the third person. She was one of the founding organisers of Young Perth Hikers. Recovering from an illness, she's typically on the look-out for shorter hiking adventures. Outside of planning puppy adventures, she’s also a management consultant, aspiring entrepreneur and occasional yogi. Her life has been complete ever since she received a Polly Pocket for her 30th birthday.