small dog camping at lane poole near perth

Dog Campsite Review: Lane Poole Reserve


Type: Paid campsite with mix of free-form and set campsites

Region: Peel

Location: Lane Poole Reserve

Accessibility: The camp sites are on dirt roads that were accessible by 2WD

Cost: Varies – typically less than $10 per person per night plus park entry fee

Facilities: Drop toilets, additional features vary by camp site within the Reserve


Lane Poole Reserve is one of the few dog-friendly parks in WA. It’s also close to Perth, which makes for a quick and uncomplicated weekend away. DEC have invested heavily in the infrastructure around Lane Poole. The sites are well-marked, many of the camp sites have camp kitchens and fire pits. The campsite is often quite busy but most of the sites feel quite secluded as you are typically camping in the woodlands. We have camped here as a couple and with a group of friends and have enjoyed our visits.


Dogs are supposed to be on lead at all times in Lane Poole Reserve, which can be difficult if your dog is used to being ‘free range’. This is understandable given the sensitive flora and fauna in the park. One of the biggest issues with have had with camping in Lane Poole is Zena’s separation anxiety. As the many of the camp sites are in the trees, she panics when she can’t see us and starts barking when she’s in her play pen. We may or may not have let her off lead at some points, which is problematic when she starts trying to make friends with the small children following the walking trail near the camp site…


Top tips:

  • Be prepared that your campsite may be a short distance from your car – particularly if you have an awning or heavy gear that needs to be carried
  • Book your campsite online – it takes the stress out of looking for a space at Nanga Mill
  • Try out some of the dog-friendly hikes within Lane Poole
  • Not all campsites within Lane Poole allow fires – this is important to check for winter!

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