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Dog Campsite Review: Lake Navarino Lakeside Camping


Type: Paid free-form campsite

Region: Peel

Location: Lake Navarino Holiday Park, 147 Invarell Road, Waroona WA 6215

Accessibility: The camp sites are on dirt roads that were accessible by 2WD. We found some sections had been turned into craters thanks to the inconsiderate behaviour of 4WD enthusiasts in the mud it so may be impassible under certain conditions.

Cost: $10 per adult per night

Facilities: One drop toilet for a full campsite (seriously, the bushes were cleaner)


According to one of our camping guides, Lake Navarino is one of WA’s best kept camping secrets. We were excited to be headed here with a group of friends for a new moon to get photos across the lake. We knew things weren’t off to a great start when Brutus threw up everywhere in the car as we desperately searched for somewhere that would fit our small group amongst the rather full campsite. The lakeside camp is on the side of a hill, which made it difficult for us to find somewhere even remotely flat. This was further complicated from us wanting to keep away from the site with a generator, a stretcher bed and a ‘metric crap-tonne’ of speakers setting up for a bush doof.

Things didn’t improve. The dogs weren’t happy as nearly every other campsite had dogs – one dog would start barking and it would start a chain of barking across the lake. It wasn’t really the serenity under the stars that we were looking for. The drop toilets were appalling – I’m not precious about toilets after living and travelling throughout South East Asia, but these were some of the worst that I’ve ever seen (and smelt). We were kept up all night by drunken 4wd owners circling around the lake. It was also freezing. We weren’t prepared for how cold the wind would be coming across the lake. At this stage, Brutus didn’t even own a jumper and every time he moved Zena’s hand-me-down fell off him. Both dogs were shaking when they got out of bed the next morning, so we ended up having to put them in the car with the heater on to keep them warm while we made a rapid exit.

All in all, one of the worst places that we have ever camped in WA.

Top tips:

  • Campsite is recommended for 4WD enthusiasts only
  • Pinjarra Bakery has almond milk which made for a happy, caffeinated Erin to defrost after our ordeal

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