Dog Campsite Review: Yenyening Lakes


Type: Free-form campsite

Region: Wheatbelt WA

Location: Yenyening Lakes Rd, Kokeby

Accessibility: Some of the roads to the Lakes are dirt, but they are well maintained, and can be accessed by two-wheel drives. In our 4WD, we were able to drive on the sand around the ski lake to find a secluded spot to camp.

Cost: Free

Facilities: None – you’ll want to bring a shovel…

Review: Yenyening Lakes feels so unspoiled and serene that if we hadn’t checked with the local council that it was legal to camp there, I wouldn’t have believed it. The Lakes are a chain of lakes that lie between Beverley and Brookton that was previously farm land. We have visited twice now and on both occasions, other campers have been few and far between.The main lake, known as Ski Lake, has old signage and some infrastructure from when the lake had more water. We weren’t brave enough to give the old playground a go…

Regardless of the water levels, the bird life is magical. The flocks of birds landing on the lake is humbling, watching the way that they move in formation. We camped under a new moon. It made the top three list of places to see stars in WA, particularly as your view is not impeded by trees. The dogs (and humans) absolutely loved camping here. We were confident to let the dogs off lead here as we could easily see them and keep an eye on their shenanigans. They loved digging in the sand and sniffing all of the things. The old fence posts also came in handy when we wanted to keep the dogs on lead when we were setting up and packing up.

Top tips:

  • There’s no drinking water so make sure that you come prepared. We recommend a re-useable water carrier to reduce plastic waste associated with bottled water.
  • Bring sand pegs if camping next to the lake
  • Make sure that you bring rubbish bags so that you leave no trace behind – you’ll need to take your rubbish with you
  • We stopped in for an afternoon at Beverley, including lunch at the Hotel Beverley. Great country pub meals and even their own beer on tap.

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